Music School Seminar

July 27 – July 30, 2016
The music school seminar is for all horn students who have completed their first music school exam or who have the bronze achievement badge. In a relaxed atmosphere, the seminar offers the opportunity to address the individual needs of the young horn players in individual and group lessons and ensemble.

  • Work in individual and group lessons
  • Ensemble
  • Lesson visitation and active participation in the lessons and ensembles of the Horntage  
  • Piano accompaniment
  • Dealing with specific issues for brass players 
  • Practical examples on the topics: embouchure, breathing, posture, motivation  
  • Preparation for the entrance exam to a music university or conservatory 
  • Lectures: student horn, mouthpiece, literature, dental issues
  • Comments and exchange of ideas among the horn teachers

The music school seminar takes particular consideration of the psychological and physical requirements of the music school students in order to achieve the best possible teaching goal without overchallenging the student.


Course Direction

Prof. Johannes Hinterholzer (Munic), more
Stefan Ruf (Basle), more

The Music School Seminar begins at 9 a.m. on Wednesday July 27, 2016 in the Music School (5th floor). The course ends after the closing concert on Sunday July 30, 2016, 6 p.m.

Course Fee
€ 110.–

The course fee should be paid to the following account:

Raiffeisen Regionalbank Telfs
IBAN: AT94 3633 6000 0056 5598
Keyword: »Horntage - Musikschulseminar«

NEW: Full-board accomodation with educational supervision 

Accomodation (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from July 27 until July 30, 2016 with supervision € 200,-

Attention: This package can only be booked until May 20, 2016. Until this deadline the money including the course fee must be paid to the following account, otherwise it will not be binding.

Raiffaisen Regionalbank Telfs

IBAN: AT94 3633 6000 0056 5598
Kennwort: »Horntage«


by July 4, 2016

Please send the completed application form with proof of payment to: 

Musikschule Telfs
Obermarkt 43
6410 Telfs

Registration is also possible online.